This unusual excursion will tell and show you the real natural beauty of Cyprus. Our journey will take place in the western part of Troodos. We will visit the pictures- que valleys formed by the three largest rivers of the island - Esuza, Xeros and Diarizos.
The first stop will be the village of Episkopi, near Pa- phos. Here is one of the most impressive monolith in Europe. As if emerging from lms in the style of fantasy, a huge karstic rock with steep slopes about 30 meters high dominates the surrounding landscape for several tens of millions of years. At the foot of the cliff lies the medieval church of St. Hilarion, dating from the 12th century.
Along the Esúza River, our path lies in the village of Panagia, home of the rst Cypriot president, Archbis- hop Makarios. Here we will visit the monastery of the Virgin Chrysoroyatis (Golden Pomegranate), which is considered one of the most ancient and elegant on the island. In Panaya we will also have the opportunity to taste wonderful wines in the local winery.
We will go to Petra Ton Hazambulion, another remar- kable limestone monolith of the island. Three huge cliffs are located on both sides of the famous ancient trade route from Nicosia to Paphos, right in the heart of the amazingly beautiful valley of the Diarizos River.
In the upper parts of Diarisos, lost in a dense pine fo- rest, lies one of the most important sights of the is- land - the elegant Venetian bridge Kelefos. 500 years ago, the bridge had strategic importance to the copper caravans as one of the few stone crossings existing at that time through the rapid flow.
Our next stop will be the picturesque village of Arsos, located in the center of the main wine region of Cyprus. Here we will stay for lunch in a local tavern, whe- re you will be offered meat meze and homemade wine.
Densely fortified, we will go to the neighboring village of Vasa, a museum of grape vodka ‘‘zivania’’ is located . There we are waiting for a short excursion into the history of the drink and of course its tasting.