This majestic adventure trip invites brave companions wishing to try their luck in acquiring their dream catch!
Your wonderful day will commence by steeping into a luxury car waiting to take you to Larnaca Marina. Ab- oard modern and well-crewed and equipped yacht you will then enter the open sea. After detailed instruc- tions from experienced sherman you will proceed to your personal deep sea shing endeavour. Bear in mind that the boat provides for those in favour of ac- tivities as well as for those who prefer to swim or relax and indulge in sunbathing procedures.
You may catch a big variety of deepwater sh including famous Cyprus sea bass, tuna as well as small Medi- terranean sharks. Professional cooks on board will gladly offer you a sashimi platter prepared with your catch, or you may choose to take the sh home. An ex- clusive seafood and meat lunch is also on the agenda.
And don’t forget to commemorate your catch on camera!