We would like to express our gratitude on behalf of our company Coloplast and to say "Thank you" for the quality of the event held in Larnaca, Cyprus.

We do not at all regret the choice of a company like "Aeroglobus Business Travel". Working with them turned out to be very smooth and reliable. A special thanks to Tatyana Khabarova for a professional approach in every matter and Eugene Nasonovskiy for organising the tickets.

We were offered a range of entertainment, namely the excursion and the completion of the quest. Everything was great! A special "thank you" to the company "Orpheus Luxury Travel and Tours", especially to Maxim and Vasiliy. We got a lot of impressions, adrenaline and vivid emotions! Guys - well done!

We wish you success in your business and a lot of pleasant moments and events and of course more smiles from customers!

General Director,
Tsarapkin Dmitry

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