Business tourism encompasses corporate meetings and trips amongst many different industries
Business tourism encompasses corporate meetings and trips amongst many different industries, combining various business trips, seminars, conferences and corporate events worldwide.
In every sphere of activity of an organization, there are landmark exhibitions, workshops and seminars, which gather hundreds of thousands of professionals with a wide spectrum of interests.
Orpheus Luxury Travel & Tours
can organize any kind of event at any level, providing the following services:
  • Selection of the venue following site visits with a company representative, selection and preparation of conference halls, venue selection for gala dinners
  • Visa support
  • Organization and booking of direct charter flights or group bookings on regular flights
  • Expedited hotel accommodations for the entire delegation during events and training
  • Organization of various programs, such as concerts, excursions and leisure activities, as well as
  • - planning contests and sports competitions
    - chartering of boats for corporate cruises
    - catering arrangements
  • Fast-track and express check- in/check-out of hotels
  • Selection of souvenirs/keep-sakes and branding of souvenir products designed for the event<
  • Creative conceptions, tailor made programs and team-building
  • Selection of a venue best suited for the concept and budget of the event
  • Logistics and management of the event, including obtaining permission and arranging the logistics for the use of non-traditional venues
  • Installation of technical equipment (including special apparatus, sound systems, arid screens)
  • Transportation
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