At the beginning of our excursion we will visit the vil- lage of Erimi, located near the city of Limassol, that houses a unique Cyprus Wine Museum. The museum is built on the site of a Neolithic settlement, where ar- chaeologists had found the oldest evidence of alcoho- lic beverages made from grapes. An exhibition will tell you about the history of winemaking in Cyprus, and upon completion of the tour you will be waited for the tasting.
Along the path of Kouris River, once plentiful and now blocked up by the eponymous dam, lies the „Wine Road“, famous since the Crusader occupation of the is- land. It connects the fertile foothills of Troodos Moun- tains with the coast, offering travelers breathtaking views.
Our next stop will happen at the village of Omodos, where the Monastery of Holy Cross is located. Accor- ding to legend, it was founded by Saint Helen. We will visit the old wine press and taste ne Cypriot wines, including the famous „Commandaria“, a „ re drink“ of zivania, and, of course, olives, carob syrup, sweetpas- te based on it, and local bread - arkatena. The village is also famous for its lace works and silver handmade ornaments.
You will enjoy the freshness of „Millomeri“, the most iconic waterfall of Cyprus which seems to be lost in the middle of the mountains among the majestic pine forest.
After visiting the waterfall our way lies to the village of Platres, one of the most popular mountain resorts of the island, sometimes dubbed „Cypriot Switzerland“. The famous chocolatier of the village will offer you to try the nest chocolate had been created by him manually. Here you will also taste amazingly delicious real hot chocolate.
Further on the road will take you to the highest point of Cyprus - Mount Olympus, where you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and for a moment feel your- self like real Olympian Gods.
At the end of our tour we will reach for the famous Kykkos Monastery. It is there, where the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary is being housed. According to the legend it was written by St. Luke during her life and personally blessed by her. In the monastery you will have the opportunity to pay your respect to the icon, submit notes, put candles for the living and the dead, and also visit a special hall, where the relics of many Orthodox Saints are kept.