Our journey begins with a visit to the castle of Cru- sader-Knights in Kolossi. For about a hundred years, it was the headquarters of the Order of the Knights Templar, then of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, had survived several sieges, and hosted the legenda- ry English king and military commander Richard the Lionheart.
Next on the agenda is the archaeological park of Kou- rion, an ancient city-state. There you will be able to see the theater of the Greco-Roman era, which repre- sents greatest historical and cultural value, as well as the house of Eustolius with well-preserved mosaics and Roman baths.
Our next stop is Cyprus‘ most visited tourist attraction - the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, which was greatly worshiped in Cyprus during the pagan times. According to the legend, it was on this picturesque shorew witnessed her st appearan- ce to the world of men. You will have the opportunity to plunge into the world of ancient Greek mythology, take memorable photos and swim in the sea, which is believed to give you eternal youth and beauty.
Then we will visit the village of Geroskipou. Here you can taste traditional Cypriot sweets and explore the ve-domed stone church of Ag. Paraskevi, built in the
9th century, that is considered to be one of the oldest Christian churches on the island.
In ancient times, Paphos had really big religious, com- mercial and strategic signi cance. It was the richest city of Cyprus, then its capital, and the residence of the emperor‘s viceroy during the Roman rule. We will visit the house of Dionysus – a Roman villa with be- autifully preserved oor mosaics, narrating about the heroes from the calssic Greek myths, the „Fortress of the Forty Columns“, the amphitheater–odeon and other architectural monuments. Not far from the an- cient city is the highest lighthouse in Cyprus, built at the end of the XIX century, during the time of British Empire.
After that we will visit the catacombs of Saint Solomo- nia and take a walk to the Column of Saint Paul, located at the city‘s forum, where the famous apostle was sen- tenced to public scourging for preaching Christianity.
At the end of our amazing journey we will peak at the Byzantine castle of the XII century, stroll along the picturesque sea front, and enjoy freshly cooked sh at one of the authentic taverns on the shore.