The thematic route for these gourmets will take place in the eastern area of the Troodos Mountains. Our trip will begin near the village of Lania, in a jam factory. Here you will have the opportunity to taste this sweet treat made from fresh berries and fruits.
Then we will go to the winery located in the fertile val- ley of Pitsilia, where grapes, almonds, hazelnuts, walnut and many other fruit and nut trees grow. Amazing landscapes, a variety of natural forms and a vibrant palette of owers make this area one of the most at- tractive in Cyprus
We will visit the village of Agros, which is famous for its magni cent gardens of fragrant damask rose and the production of rose water. You will have the opportunity to taste liquor and cosmetics made from rose petals.
Nearby there is a small house where traditional Cypriot sweets are prepared - fruits in sweet syrup and churchkhellu. Also in the village you will see a small family smokehouse and you can taste delicious local meat products: lunza - smoked pork, lucanico - pork sausages with spices, chiromeri - smoked pork, soa- ked in wine sauce.
From Agros we will go to Kakopetria, where we can stroll through the ancient medieval streets of a pic- turesque village and enjoy fresh trout in a restaurant located on an old water mill.
In the village of Platres you will nd a dessert. Local chocolatier will hold for you the tasting of the best chocolate created by him manually. Here you will taste amazingly delicious real hot chocolate.