The village of Kampia, situated on the shores of Ta- massos reservoir, houses the Riverland bio-farm. In this unusual place you can spend an unforgettable day with the whole family.
All animals in Riverland walk around the farm free- ly, eat natural food and graze on the meadows. Thus, the products made here, including eggs, cow and goat milk, halloumi and anari cheeses are 100% organic and extremely healthy.
Your children will be pleased to get acquainted with lovely and playful pets such as cows, goats, sheep, horses, rabbits, chickens, cats and dogs, as well as learn about the process of making milk, cheese and other products.
A wonderful trip will be complemented by a wide va- riety of activities: in Rivertland you can ride a horse or a mountain bike, swim in a cool river and take a boat down the reservoir.
Traveling to Riverland is a great gift for your children, which gives them the opportunity to be closer to na- ture and to our animal friends, to gain valuable know- ledge and skills that will be useful to them in their li- ves.