First we will travel to the donkey farm in the village of Skarinou. The creators of the farm scrupulously saved part of the Cypriot heritage - friendly and industrious animals, which for centuries had served the inhabitants of the island with loyalty. Indeed, donkeys were the irreplaceable helpers of the Cypriots: they were transporting wine and food, they were the main mean of transport on the island for many centuries, it was donkeys that helped in the production of olive oil, turning heavy millstones, and making wine, transport- ing grapes from mountain plantations.
Today, about 170 donkeys live on the farm, each one of which has its own name and character. Most animals are - jennies, giving milk, and the milking process is carried out in a special room that meets the require- ments of the EU.
There you can ride the donkeys in the surrounding areas; take pictures with friendly animals and feed them. Also on the farm you will nd many interesting things: a wax museum, a traditional Cypriot house, an
ancient olive press, a small botanical garden, an am- phitheater, one of the oldest olive trees in Cyprus and a small church of the Virgin Mary of Momil.
Then we will visit the Camel Park in Mazotos. In the past, camels were also used for the transport of goods, but today they can only be found in specialized parks.
The park has many places where adults can rest and relax while children have the opportunity to learn about nature and animals, watching deer, ostriches, goats, ponies, wallaby kangaroo, donkeys, llamas, turtles and many other animals. The most important attraction of the park are, of course, camels, which can be fed and rode. Guests can also explore the pic- turesque surroundings of the park or enjoy a ride on a safari through the countryside. This adventure is a wonderful experience for adults and children.
At the end of the trip, you will have lunch in a coastal tavern located in the cozy shing village of Zigi.