First on the agenda is a visit to the ancient city of Kou- rion and its spectacular sights including the ancient Greco-Roman amphitheater which has been comple- tely restored and is used today for musical and thea- trical performances and Evstoli House with its astoun- dingly well-preserved mosaics and roman baths. Then, stop by Aphrodite’s Rock where the goddess of love and beauty was born. Rumour has it that swimming around the rock bestows bathers with youth and beau- ty. Paphos town, once the capital city of Cyprus, is next on the agenda.
One may walk through the catacombs of St. Solomoni and explore the caves and chambers there. Also there, is the Pillar of St. Paul upon which the saint was punished and lashed for his faith and for preaching Christianity. From the old port and its Venetian fort, there is time to discover the nearby ar- chaeological city and explore the stunning House of Dionysus, which is a ne example of a classical Roman villa complete with preserved oor mosaics. Upon re- turn, there will be a tasting of the local delicacy, ‘Lou- koumia,’ as we drop by Geroskipou village.