We would like to invite you on an unforgettable jour- ney through the Akamas National Park and its surroun- ding areas. Akamas is home to thousands of endemic plants and animal species, that serves as a unique natural attraction of a global scale. Thus the park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. All this, combined with breathtaking views and remote loca- tion make this northwestern part of Cyprus one of the most beautiful places in the East Mediterranean.
Our journey begins in XII century at the steps of the cave monastery of Agios Neophytos, namesaked af- ter its founder. Agios Neophytos (St. Neophytos) saw asceticism as his higher purpose and thus found so- litude in the Paphos spurs of the Troodos Mountains, where he had cut himself a number of caves, which eventually became a full- edged monastery. It is now possible to visit his cell, to bow to his relics and mar- vel at the beautiful views of Paphos and Coral Bay.
Our journey continues through the Sea Caves of St. George - tremendous limestone formations, subjec- ted to the processes of grinding and weathering or thousands of years. This rocky coast, situated to the North of the Coral Bay is considered a dangerous pla- ce for sea voyagers. A grim reminder of that is Edro III, an abandoned vessel that found its eternal port of registry, by running aground left stranded since 2011.
Our next stop is the Avakas Gorge, situated at the very heart of the national park. Here you are offered to take a brief stroll across the most spectacular canyon in Cyprus.
Crossing a narrow mountain pass, we will nd oursel- ves in the northern part of the Akamas Peninsula.It is there, on the outskirts of Kritou Terra village, among the rich vegetation reminiscent of the Amazon Forest, where one of the most intriguing and unusual water- falls on the island can be found. The cold fresh water serves as a relief on a hot summer day.
At the foot of one of the most prominent peaks of Akamas - the tabletop mountain of Mutis Tees Sotiras, another miracle of nature awaits us, enveloped in an- cient legends. That is the famous Baths of Aphrodite – a small grotto where, according to Greek mythology, the goddess of love and beauty enjoyed taking a bath and secretly meeting with Adonis, her lover.
After a productive day, you will have the pleasure of trying a freshly caught sh in one of the taverns lo- cated in the shing village of Latchi. Here you can try sea bass, dorado, octopus and homemade white wine, enjoy the atmosphere of peace and tranquility of Cy- priot lifestyle.