Since the times of the Byzantine Empire, Cyprus has been the center of Christianity, connected with the names of apostles Paul and Barnabas and many other orthodox saints, who shined in the Cyprus land. To- day the island offers its pilgrims, religious and secular adventurers alike an enriched,religious and cultural heritage. Our adventure covers magni cent Christian shrines of the island and offers you to travel though history, when powerful emperors were sat on the throne in Constantinople, and in Cyprus, temples and monasteries were being erected.
We will start our trip at the XVI century chruch of Cy- prian and Justina in Meniko. There,one can pray for the healing from spoilage, evil eye and witchcraft.
The next stop of our journey is Panagia Chrisospiliotis- sa Cave Church, consecrated in honor of ‘‘Our Lady of the Golden Cave’’. The church is carved in the natural sandstone cave, which was expanded to make room for apse, porch and sacristies.
Then we will travel to the Stavrovouni Monastery – one of the oldest christian monuments in Cyprus, founded by the mother of the Byzantine emperor Constantin the Great. There, a part of the True Cross is being kept. It is situated on the mountain, 700m above sea level offering magni cent views from the top.
Our last stop will take placea at Ag. Georgios Monaste- ry, not far from Limassol. The monastery was founded in XII century by the reverend George – a monk-hermit, who escaped the Holy Land cafter it had been cap- tured by muslims. Subsequently George has been in- ducted into the holy gures of the Easters Orthodox Church and the monastery in his honor is famous for its beauty and its holy water natural spring.