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Prepare for a roller-coaster ride of feasts, treats and temptations experiencing Germany's soul-stirring scenery, spirit-lifting culture, big-city beauties, romantic palaces and half-timbered towns.

Germany, first of all – it is Berlin. Berlin has the fame of one of the most fun, bright and free European capitals. It is famous for its museums, gastronomy, inexpensive and high-quality shopping. This is where many fashionable and social trends emerge, which are then picked up by the whole world. But it is also Bavaria, which is also called "beer land". It is in Munich that the famous Oktoberfest festival is held annually, attracting thousands of travelers, as well as Neuschwanstein Castle and the Alpine slopes. In addition to beer, Munich is notable for being the capital of German football, the center of architecture and cultural centers, and also just a very cheerful city (like almost the rest of the south of Germany).
It is Hamburg - in the medieval era was a major seaport, so that since then there remained many castles and fortresses. Today it is the second largest city in Germany and a cultural center - there are more than 40 theaters in this city alone. The eastern part of Germany is notable for Saxony and its capital - the city of Dresden. Once upon a time this city was the royal residence for the kings of Saxony, during World War II it was destroyed, but by some miracle all baroque architecture managed to survive. The city itself stands on the Elbe River, so it is called "German Florence." Come and see it with us!

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