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A tiny country on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean awaits you. With a stunningly diverse landscape, vibrant modern cities, as well as loads of cool stuff to do, see, and experience, this country is Israel.

Israel can boast a well-deserved year-round popularity: some go here to dive into ancient history, others - to correct the shaky nerves in the healing spaces of the Dead Sea (which, by the way, is not very good, because the salt is too thick), to dive into general anesthesia on the operating tables of the best doctors, the fourth - to dive again, but already in the Red Sea, with an aqualung, the fifth - to spend holidays on the beach without doing anything.
Yes, I almost forgot: young people often go to Israel even then, in order to enjoy themselves at carbon parties in the local nightclubs in the rhythms of fashionable music and clubs of fragrant smoke.

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