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USA - the leader in a variety of leisure. From the snowy slopes of the Rocky Mountains to the placid beaches of Hawaii, from the debauchery and vice of Las Vegas to the silence of the Grand Canyon. The great American experience is about so many things: bluegrass and beaches, snow-covered peaks and redwood forests, restaurant-loving cities and big open skies.

You can travel around the USA all year round. In this country, everything is created and works for people. This tourist destination is chosen by tourists of all age categories and various incomes. On average, the flow of tourists to the States is growing by 20-30% annually. A tourist visa in the US for the year is now quite simple to get, and tours are not as expensive as many people still think. You can always choose a holiday option suitable for any wallet in this country with unlimited possibilities for traveling. Many come to the country to get some English.
It is impossible to imagine the USA without New York - ultramodern, super-fast, symbolizing success. Without a business Chicago and hospitable Hawaii, the majestic Grand Canyon and the bustling Niagara. You can spend half your life on acquaintance with American cities, without having solved to the end all the secrets of a huge country.

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